NCLT Focus Area Map

Our Mission

To conserve the farms, forests, and landscapes that define the character of our region.

North County Land Trust is a 501c(3) non-profit, regional land conservation organization founded in 1992 to protect, preserve and promote the natural resources of north central Massachusetts.

PROTECT: Identify natural resources, working lands and landscapes whose conservation is of the highest priority.

PRESERVE: Conserve land in perpetuity for future generations.

PROMOTE: Engage communities to understand and appreciate their natural environment and the importance of conservation.

NCLT is a partner in a new initiative to promote local agriculture in Central Massachusetts!

Central Mass Grown connects farmers and producers to stores and restaurants, and promotes the value of local food and products to consumers. Buying local is the best way to support small-scale agriculture and our region's economy..

Our Farmland Inventory Project is collecting important information about farming in each town and city we serve, including the number of farms, farm acres in production and what is produced. To develop the Farmland Inventory, we are working with Agricultural Commissions to map the farms and farmland in their communities…


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NCLT Helps Fitchburg Conserve Watershed Land

In June 2014, NCLT completed the conservation of 163 acres of land in Ashburnham and Ashby, within the City of Fitchburg’s northern water supply watershed. The City of Fitchburg now owns 110 acres of land for water supply protection. NCLT has acquired our newest public access property, the Kirby Conservation Area in Ashburnham.


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Zins Conservation Area: First Tract Completed in the Q2W Landscape Project

Zins Conservation Area is our first public access conservation area in Princeton and one of the first tracts conserved in the Quabbin Reservoir to Wachusett Mountain (Q2W) Forest Legacy Project, a federally funded project which will protect more than 4,000 acres in our region. NCLT is working to conserve an additional 12 tracts in the Q2W Project, totaling more than 1,100 acres in Hubbardston, Princeton and Westminster.