Environmental Education

Elementary school hands-on programs

Elementary School Hands-on Programs

Educational Programs for 3rd graders in Hubbardston, 2014

This year, NCLT will once again offer an environmental education program to 3rd grade students at Hubbardston's Center School, funded by a generous donation from Tom and Mary Robinson of Hubbardston. Led by environmental educator, Laurie Nehring, this program emphasizes hands on, science based instruction. Approximately 50 students in two classes will participate in this program. In 2013, NCLT offered this program to public school students in Hubbardston, for the 2nd consecutive year. The program was funded by a generous donation from Tom and Mary Robinson of Hubbardston and led by environmental educator, Laurie Nehring.

Educational Programs for 3rd graders in Gardner & Hubbardston

For the first time in 2012, NCLT provided environmental education programs to elementary schools in Gardner and Hubbardston. The programs were funded by a grant from the Gardner Cultural Council and a donation from Tom and Mary Robinson of Hubbardston; they served 70 students in Gardner's Helen Mae Sauter Elementary School and 64 students in the Hubbardston Center School. Led by NCLT's Environmental Educator, Laurie Nehring, these experiential science programs encourage students to see, feel and experience what it's like to be a woodlands creature.

Educational Programs in Fitchburg Public Schools

For two consecutive years, North County Land Trust was awarded a grant to provide environmental education programs in Fitchburg public schools.

In the 2010-2011 school year, a grant from the Community Foundation of North Central Massachusetts enabled us to provide an after school enrichment program to 60 Crocker Elementary School students in grades 3 & 4, with an outdoor nature-based theme. We conducted a watershed education program with an additional 165 5th graders in Longsjo Middle School. Both programs were provided in partnership with the Nashua River Watershed Association (NRWA).

In the 2011-2012 school year, NCLT received a grant from the Ronald Ansin Foundation to continue the environmental science enrichment program. While continuing our partnership with NRWA, we created a new partnership with Applewild School, whose 8th grade students served as mentors and 'big brothers-big sisters' for the LMS 5th graders. This program served 126 students at Longsjo Middle School, providing experiential, hands-on science instruction during the fall and spring. Field trips were an important part of the program. Students had the opportunity to learn new things in familiar environments, including the Nashua River and NCLT's own Crocker Conservation Area, both within walking distance of the school.