Conservation Land

Land Stewardship

Conservation restriction monitoring workshop

AmeriCorps Land Steward, Jenn Tuomala leads a conservation restriction monitoring workshop.

Conservation Restrictions require stewardship and monitoring to insure that landowners understand the restrictions on their land and to prevent violations of the restrictions. It starts with a Baseline Documentation Report which documents property boundaries and conditions. Maps and photos are included in the report, showing trails and natural resources. Each year, the property should be monitored to determine that there are no encroachments on property boundaries or activities that would violate the restrictions. At NCLT, our land steward prepares baseline reports and monitors conservation restrictions, sometimes with the help of trained volunteers.


Conservation Land Management

NCLT Director, Jim Walsh works with fellow-employees of DRS Power Technology in Fitchburg to install posts and chains at a Crocker CA trailhead.

Management of NCLT Conservation Areas is an important part of land stewardship. All NCLT conservation areas are managed for public access. We prepare a Baseline Documentation Report for each conservation area. Since all of our conservation areas are forested, we have a Forest Stewardship Plan prepared by a licensed forester to help us manage forest resources. Finally, we prepare a more comprehensive management plan for some conservation areas, like Dwelly Farm which have both forested and agricultural land. Dwelly Farm will also have a Farm Conservation Plan.


Stewardship Committee

Keith Bockus and other members of the Underwood Road Conservation Area Stewardship Committee restore stone walls on the property

Stewardship Committees play an important role in the management of NCLT conservation areas. These committees are made up of volunteers who have an interest in the conservation property. Stewardship Committees usually meet several times per year to plan trail work days and to discuss management issues. Stewardship Committees are a great way for us to keep in touch with users of our conservation areas and to involve the community in their management.


Contact us if you're interested in joining a Stewardship Committee.